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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  April 21, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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ore breaking news. police said on the body of on missing teenager. the 16-year-old disappeared in september -- december, as she visited her cousin in north carolina. she was identified by her tattoo. a metrobus driver is off the job after he was arrested in connection with a deadly accident three years ago. our correspondent is live where the bus driver just appeared in court. >> less than an hour ago the judge ordered 31-year-old ronald taylor released under these conditions -- he has to surrender his license, he cannot drive, and he has to undergo weekly drug tests. he was in shackles. he repeatedly questioned why he could not drive, saying he needed to keep his station manager job with metro.
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a government prosecutor said in response that he had killed someone with a metro vehicle. a grand jury convened in february and indicted taylor for negligent homicide in the 2008 crash in the foggy bottom's that killed a man. he had been a metro bus driver for just about six months of the time. he was fired but rehired last june. >> the other drivers they may think, oh, he did this thing. if i do something horrible, i will still have my job. it makes me worry. >> unfortunately, i still have to ride the metro. hopefully the guy who is driving my train or bus is on top of his job. >> online records showed taylor was arrested on drug charges in the 1990's metro officials of the time of the accident said he had failed to use driving techniques and they felt firing
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taylor was the right move. however, an arbitrator said metro had not done due diligence and handed over the proper paperwork regarding that investigation, so the arbitrator said taylor should be reinstated. a metro spokesperson said that he is out of service and without pay. a trial is scheduled for october. abc7 news. >> we have learned the family of the victim in that accident is suing metro for $100 million and the transit agency settled with the family. the details are confidential. the parents of a 17-year-old girl who was killed on a country road went to school today even though it was spring break. four other teenagers were injured in the accident. she went to battlefield hospital.
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-- battlefield high-school. >> they were helping students cope with the loss of a 15-year- old friend. they headed into the school in the midst of spring break, some the same age as kendra tucker their classmates who was killed in a crash on a country road. >> she was my best friend. >> the vehicle apparently hit a dealer at a high rate of speed. it spun out and hit a tree. the impact through kendra, -- threw kendra from the car killing her. >> it is hard because she was close to a lot of people. >> debbie wanted to stay with the friends, but her mother said no. >> we ran to her bedroom to make sure she had not sent back out. we are thankful we had said no.
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she could have been in the car. >> students who went to grief counseling said it helped. >> they give you advice on how to get through it. >> two of the teenagers who were in the crash were seriously injured. we spoke with some of the students at battlefield high today, and they say at least one of the teenagers is in very critical condition. reporting live, abc7 news. a driver accused of running his car into a passenger in a case of road rage faces a trial this summer. a grand jury indicted the former u.s. surgeon major gene mckinney -- sergeant major dean mckinney for reckless driving. passengers claimed that he drove at 95 miles per hour and struck one of the passengers with his car after he demanded to be let
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out. the trial is set for june. it is a lot cooler in the metro area today. what can we expect for the weekend? doug hill last forecast. >> ups and downs, temperature wise and weather-wise. 31 stories above the building -- we see a few high, thin cloud up there. it will continue to decrease through the evening hours. temperatures cooler than average. 61 in gaithersburg. 64 in quantico. we are cooler than yesterday. how do i know that? we put together a map to show you the difference. here is the story for this evening. we will hang onto mostly clear skies. breezy weather in the 50's. to give you a heads up -- the weather what goes to a frederick county. why is there a flood watch? i will let you know as part of our rainy forecast coming up.
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many people are staying put for the holiday weekend. the national average for regular unleaded is $3.40. rebecca cooper is live in northwest washington with more. rebecca? >> we are in a gas station in georgetown that is cheaper than many in this area. they are charging $5 a gallon on average for regular. aaa says in the d.c. area, we are 6 cents above the national average. in washington, d.c., 21 cents higher than the average customer is playing -- paying nationwide. baathist shell station, they go out of their way for gas at a good price. >> i am trying to shop around at different places, remembering places that are lower frequenting them more often. >> this new york mom crosses the state line to save.
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>> gas is relatively inexpensive when we go out to new jersey. it is 30 cents a gallon less. >> but aaa warned motorists not to take it too far to find the best price. 911 calls for drivers who are out of gas have been up 40% in d.c. and 36% up in maryland. >> we have to get the premium gas with the scar. it is much more than the regular gas. we try to do this as little as possible. >> one grandmother says be grateful. >> you do not know what high the gas prices are until you go to orange county. >> advice for anyone worried about the price of gas.
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leon you will be impressed i learn this. aaa says you can damage your fuel tank if you drive with anything less than a quarter of a tank. it can clog your injector. and it can cause your tank to overheat and that could cost you more than $500 to replace. they say, do not wait until you are empty. reporting live, abc7 news. coming up at 5:00 -- the d.c. police chief response to accusations that actor charlie sheen got a police escort through the streets of washington. >> and a warning for what pregnant women should eat. >> and find out who witnessed a horrible crime on a webcam. >> it is springtime in the sea. we love this time of year.
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it is also time of year we hate. we will have the latest on the pollen counts. >> in here in the phone bank with the director of the d.c. cancer consortium. welcome to both of you ladies. yvonne only about the programs. >> we are a nonprofit with over 70 member organizations. we also distribute cancer information for district residents. and we support programs such as the screen for life program. that program is administered by the howard university cancer center. >> you have a staggering statistic to tell us. i was shocked. >> even with the resources in the district, we still ranked
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no. 6 with cancer deaths. it is amazing. we encourage everyone to take advantage of the program and the resources that are out there. >> absolutely. i am so happy you are with us today. how are things going? >> i am good. i was treated through a program that the cancer consortium funded. it just occurred to me to sign up for the program, which i did. everyone in the family has really helped me. >> wonderful ladies. again,
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police have found three of
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the four d.c. teenagers to escape from a treatment facility in south carolina. >> they escaped on wednesday. they were apprehended the other day. we live in southeast washington with that story. >> yes, since monday, d.c. authorities have been searching for an escaped teenage prisoner. he escaped from a facility in maryland. today we learned that authorities are still looking for one of four d.c. use who escaped from a facility where they were being held in south carolina. it has been a rough week for d.c. juvenile authorities, who called a news conference after learning four use escape from a south carolina behavioral health center last wednesday. >> we have always been concerned about that facility. >> three of the four were recaptured today. >> law enforcement authorities in south carolina have been very
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aggressive. i think they've done a very good job of picking up the four -- the three young people. >> patrols have been heightened sense monday when a teenager is a be deposited a car he allegedly stole from a juvenile facility in maryland. he allegedly beat a correctional officer unconscious, stole his keys, and escaped. then he stole the officer's car. a picture was published of the 18-year-old who escaped. the teen-ager's family says he was afraid inside. >> someone would not jump over a fence two weeks before they were released. there are serious things going on. the family is upset no one is talking about that. we have been looking for him. we even have a lawyer willing to represent them if he turns himself in. >> the correctional officer who
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was attacked is still recuperating. staffing has been increased at the facility and the place is on locked down. so, there is one escapee still missing in this area and another one in south carolina that is perhaps headed back to d.c. i spoke to a spokesman for the to register county sheriff's office to said the deputies spotted three of the four walking down the road near charleston this morning at 11:00. he picked them up and return them to the facility. reporting live, at abc7 news. >> thank you, sam. more photographs of a person in interest in a bomb plot. a security guard found a pipe bomb rigged to explode at littleton mall. that is just two miles from columbine high school. they did not explode and no one was hurt. weapons were found inside
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columbine at the shooting the ball -- 12 years ago. here is a man seen carrying a white bag. they say he is not considered a suspect at this point. today, mother nature joins the fight to contain dozens of wildfires in texas. rain and cool weather is helping. for dozens of residents is too late. two firefighters have died battling the blazes across the state. more than 1 million acres of land of burned in texas so far this year. that is equal to the size of rhode island. >> tonight for seven on your side, a new study shows that exposure to pesticides can lower an unborn baby's intelligence. 7-year-old to were exposed to pesticides in the womb -- the children with the most exposure scored lower on intelligence
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tests. >> you know what is going on. it is the high pollen count. >> that is right. jennifer is live outside where folks are suffering but surviving we hear. jennifer? >> good morning. it is gorgeous. our gentleman at the weather center tell us the pollen count has been 1500 the last three days. to date it was over 2100. those are huge numbers. springtime in d.c., and the buzz is pollen. >> ag, watery eyes. sneezing. >> that is why so many are stuffed up. >> it gives me migraines as well. >> doug hill explains pollen has been in a very high category for the last three days. today, the main offender is oak. >> my eyes are red and watery.
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the wind does not help. >> here is nose and throat specialist michael albadin. add pollution on top of spring, and it is the season for sneezing. >> your nose is your filter. >> i have already taken nine claritan for today. >> evenings are better for joggers with allergies, he says. and for allergy medicine to work to get early and regularly. as that is twice a day for this 9-year-old. >> better? yes, it is better. twice a day. >> you just put the visine in and go about your business. >> you know, it is all good. >> when you wake up tomorrow morning, it will still be rough.
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in going to send it back to you in the -- i am going to send it back to you in the studio. abc7 news. natures antihistamine. a little more rain will temporarily what should out. we will get more sunshine and then more grass and trees will grow. let's look as some of the conditions are around the area. you can sell -- blue skies. temperatures all lot cooler than yesterday. 64 degrees the latest report from our weatherbug location in arlington. 59 in germantown. and one more stop in the district. below will school, 60 degrees. -- the lowell school. at the walter reed army medical center -- the pollen count is
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2177 grains of pollen per cubic meter. what that means is the same amount of pollen you breathe in when you were outside walking for an hour. so that is a lot. temperatures -- cool. well below average. these numbers are well below the mark. certainly well below yesterday. now, it is still chilly on the great lakes but it is warming up a little bit here. you have to travel a ways to get to the really hot stuff. you see the 40's and 50's, you know the storm's center is at work. hi bands of clouds. it will be tomorrow when the heavier clouds and rain arrives. to give you a little preview -- areas of low pressure are developing. showers in the tennessee valley down through the southeast. all of this will lift is stored in north eastward. here is what will happen.
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a steady increase in cloudiness, rain in the afternoon. especially areas north and west. the wind will be pushing up this way. mountainous areas probably a little more rain in the metro area. we could see an inch blade tomorrow night and early saturday morning. the front will push through the area. then we will get sunshine in the afternoon, back to the lower 70's. tomorrow we are only in the lower 50's for highs. yes, chilly. partly cloudy 44 is the average wake-up temperature. cloudy skies in the mid afternoon hours. here's how it checks out for the next seven days. easter sunday -- showers. most of today is partly sunny and warmer, near 80 degrees. the same forecast for monday. then we get very mild
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temperatures for the first few days of next week. >> all right. thank you. >> my pleasure. >> here is a look at what is coming up tonight on prime- time. "wipeout," then meredith runs the eir on "grey's anatomy." then "private practice." >> we will find out if "water for elephants" lives up to the hype. >> and a great former shah of talks about his time -- chef talks about his tremendous weight loss. >> and a webcam murder. that story is next. >> but you have until 6:30
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tonight to get your questions about cancer answered by our phone big. just call -- this is the sleep number store, a place that changes lives every day. as the sleep number setting goes down, the mattress gets softer. that's nice. as the sleep number setting goes up, the bed gets firmer. it's really molding to my body. wow. they do that a lot. hurry in now to the sleep number white sale for amazing savings through april 30th. only at the sleep number store. to us, you're not just a a person. you're a number.
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all woman was murdered in her apartment while her boyfriend watched in horror. >> the victim was skyping at the
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time of the murder. >> brian dickson's facebook profile shows a clean-cut young man with an interest in politics and acting. today, he showed no emotion in court. he has been charged with first- degree murder in the slaying of a 23-year-old exchange student attending university in california. she was chatting with her boyfriend in china when someone came into the room. thousands of miles away, he watched in murder as a man tried to hug the girl. >> she was resistant. she was saying no, no. >> her boyfriend, who did not want to show his face, frantically tried to get help, but there was little need to do. her body was found the next morning. she was naked from the waist
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down but the autopsy found no obvious signs of sexual assault. it also could not determine how she died. dixon was arrested on wednesday as the victims grieving parents arrived from china. >> she was a very hard-working and upstanding girl. >> as the canadian coroner tries to figure out how she died, police are looking for her missing webcam and laptop. coming up -- did charlie sheen get special but treatment and break the law when he arrived at a recent local appearance? >> and another dogfighting ring busted. 40 dogs now need good homes. >> i want to get back to work and make sure our guys can get out of here. >> local firefighters talk about their experience and where they go from here. that is next.
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>> do not forget to call our from bank at -- 703-647- i am a sneeze whisperer. i am an allergy analyst.
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bermuda grass. ragweed. willow. i am a dander decode chihuahua. i am a target pharmacist. ask me about allergy relief.
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>> you are watching abc7 news at 5 -- on your side. of fire change the lives of fire firefighters. -- five firefighters. >> the building collapsed while
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they were fighting the fire inside. suzanne kennedy is live in the newsroom. >> the firefighters are still hospitalized, but all the injured in good spirits, are healing, and anxious to get back to work. it has been two weeks since the but firefighters received serious burns while -- two firefighters received serious burns while fighting a to alarm blaze. it was a dangerous and potentially deadly situation. they described what happened that night. >> as we prepare to get the flames and everything, that is when i guess the back of the house collapsed, and all of a sudden the heat was pushed back on us. >> the two men have been discharged from the hospital, but two others remain at washington hospital. jockey brian was burned on 30% of his -- chucky ryan was burned
5:31 pm
on 30% of his body. sgt ramon hounshell's condition has been upgraded. >> it is a tribute to these guys. they are smart, well trained they think about what they are doing, and they take care of each other. >> it is encouraging to me that they have the skill and the fortitude to want to come back and to survive something like that. >> he is anxious to get back to work. >> we love what we do. i would never want to do anything else. i do not know why but i love the job. >> the incident is under review. authorities want to figure out what went wrong and how it can be prevented from happening again. there is no time line as to how soon the five will be back on the job but some may be working again as soon as early this summer. reporting live, suzanne kennedy
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abc7 news. >> the space shuttle endeavor begins its last -- endeavour begins its last mission next week. congresswoman get real difference -- gabrielle giffords also attend. her husband commands the mission. >> it is now illegal for anyone to come within 12 miles of the fukushima daiichi complex. meanwhile some students celebrated the return to school for the first time since the earthquake and tsunami. glasses are now being held at city hall. one teacher says educators are dealing with additional responsibilities in the wake of the tragedy. >> it is a dual role --
5:33 pm
educating students and supporting people who have lost their homes. >> teachers have handed out new backpacks to replace those washed away, and the disaster damaged nearly 200 schools in japan and destroyed more than 600,000 books. in news around the region -- 41 dogs are in need of homes after a rescue from a dogfighting operation. the dogs were kept in a home in the woods in halifax county. they appear to be more onerous. four people have been arrested. some of the dogs are still puppies. they will all be evaluated and rehabilitated. investigations into a fire that sparked in a playground. this was at the child development playground at stone ridge high school. the playground is a total loss, but no one was injured. soldiers deployed overseas
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will be receiving specially- prepared dips. this morning children worked on gift boxes. aaron carlson was there with her father. >> i know there are a lot of other soldiers who are going through worse. it is just great. >> terrific. april is the month of the military job. this is the third year for operation uso care package. the maryland attorney general wants a new alcoholic drink pulled from the shelves. in a letter today, he asks pabst's brewery co. to end sales of the drink. it is called "blast."
5:35 pm
the flavor drinks were introduced earlier this month. each can have the equivalent of nearly five servings of alcohol. several members of government have signed the letter. time for a check on traffic. mike? >> it is pretty bad, maureen. in the loop, you are solid. so again as you're making your way through college park. out of the beltway, not much better. you're pretty much backed up to the bridge. slow in the north triangle. the express lane to 95 -- you are slow. overturned vehicle. traffic is squeezing by. that is causing significant delays. gordon and marine, back to you. >> thank you. the first lawsuit is filed but not by a business or a
5:36 pm
restaurant in the gulf. and i will review the "water for elephants," coming up. and a glaring mistake that could launch a legal battle over thousands of jobs. and do not forget to call our phone bank at -- 703-647- 1533. we will be here until 6:30.
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now hollywood is trying to make "water for elephants" to a movie. >> someone brought me this book a few years ago, and they said the "unit got to read this." it was a great novel. it is a pretty good movie. robert pattinson plays a kid who joins the circus in the depression who gets in snared in a love triangle with reese witherspoon and her villainous husband. >> welcome to the most spectacular show on earth. >> "water for elephants" re- creates the world of the service
5:40 pm
in 1930's, a world of unflinchingly hard rules. >> [unintelligible] that there. i got nothing. >> robert pattinson meets reese witherspoon and falls like this done. >> she is brilliant. >> an elephant in the show throws them together and of fell of the villain from -- and afoul of the villain >> 4 stars. "water for elephants is the best new movie of the week. if you read the book, i think you will like the movie. also opening this week, tyler
5:41 pm
perry puts his dress back on for "madea's family reunion." >> what a variety of films. >> we got it all. trained elephants. men with dresses. >> thank you. up next, why d.c. police are investigating charlie sheen's recent visit to the nation's capitol. >> and why this chef says he would follow oprah anywhere. >> the folks from the d.c. cancer consortium is answering your calls. the number is 703-647-1533.
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a lot of times, things are right underneath our feet, and all we need to do is change the way we're thinking about them. a couple decades ago, we didn't even realize just how much natural gas was trapped in rocks thousands of feet below us. technology has made it possible to safely unlock this cleanly burning natural gas. this deposits can provide us with fuel for a hundred years, providing energy security and economic growth all across this country. it just takes somebody having the idea and that's where the discovery comes from.
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24 episodes of the oprah show left to go. >> chef art smith was oprah's personal chef for more than 20 years. now he is a d.c. resident. >> a lot of people were surprised to see the new lean and mean at chef art smith
5:45 pm
today. he has lost more than 100 pounds. he lives in chicago but i caught up with him at his restaurant to find out how he shed all that weight and what he thinks about the end of the oprah era. when you are constantly cooking down home and sold code, it is easy to put on the pounds. but chef art smith is leaner than ever. >> hello. i have lost 115 pounds. can you believe that one? >> the 51-year-old diabetic has been hitting the street. >> i ran the chicago marathon periods i beat our record. >> chef art smith. >> and today he debuted his svelte new self on the oprah show. >> blog. >> lord, have mercy.
5:46 pm
i thanked her and i said, i just want you to know i was appreciated and it was so gracious for you to ask me to do that. >> between restaurants books, and television appearances he says he will always be there for the woman he calls his bff. >> i was as close to moving to california. i told her, i am going to camp outside your house and opened a restaurant. because, i told your, you are going to be needing some gloves. >> abc7 news. "time" fluted oprah in its rundown of the most influential -- include oprah in its rundown of the most influential people in the world. the former d.c. schools
5:47 pm
chancellor and the soon to be married prince william also made the cut you will find a list of the most influential people posted at today is the queen's 85th birthday. people celebrated outside westminster abbey today. the queen celebrated her birthday privately. the national celebration will be june 11. queen elizabeth and the whole royal family is preparing for the big event next friday. we are, too. our correspondent will be in london next friday. the d.c. police chief is responding to reports that actor charlie sheen does special appearance before his -- a special treatment before his appearance at constitution hall.
5:48 pm
>> we ran so many red lights. >> she said there was a d.c. cruiser in front and back of his suv. he indicated that the caravan traveled up to 80 miles per hour. >> there are rules that have to be followed. i think some of the allegations -- [unintelligible] >> the chief says it is not standard practice for the d.c. police department to provide an escort to a celebrity. she says the situation is under investigation. the crisis in libya claims the lives of an award winning photojournalist and filmmaker. and some people are not welcoming. what some feel it will be bad for business. that is just ahead at 6:00.
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and let's go to doug hill for an update on the weather. >> hello. very pleasant. but the sunshine and breeze up there. a little crew practice . winds blowing out of the west- northwest. temperatures in the 60's. let's do look at the overall look at temperatures in the region. 66 and in fredericksburg. 62 in the nation's capitol. these numbers are good 20 degrees cooler than they were this time yesterday. all the way back to yesterday. 85 degrees at the 5:00 hour yesterday. tomorrow will be cooler than today. but don't worry it will get warmer as we head into the weekend. clouds tonight. breezy and chile. 39 in the outlying areas. tomorrow morning through saturday morning frederick county west md., along the blue
5:50 pm
ridge -- a flash flood watch it will go into effect. that is the bright green colored area. here's the plan. a little sunshine tomorrow. rain developing in the afternoon. but the time it tapers off, the warm front moves northward. potentially, there will be more rain to the north and west of washington. a flood watch is in effect. here is the next seven days. starts saturday with some clouds. just maybe an early morning shower. is this sunday, near 80 degrees. a chance of a thunderstorm in the afternoon. -- easter sunday, near 80 degrees. a strong cold front could appear by next thursday. that is the very latest. ok. the caps come back. >> we were 3-0, rangers. i knew they were going to come back. >> i was.
5:51 pm
>> folks coming year is the fact of the night. the team that wins game four at the nhl wins the tournament 80% of the time. so that gain was below. -- so that game was pivotal. >> i have a 3-year-old and an eight-month old. the 3-year-old is pretty pumped up. >> dad scored the game-winning goal kicking off a certifiably crazy caps come back. >> is pretty cool. >> the caps trailed 3-0 when the coach told his team -- >> i said we came back last year. you get one, and you never know. >> sure enough, they got one. then two. >> then it was a 3-2 game, so it
5:52 pm
was a game. >> and then in the third -- it was tied at 3. >> it is some of the best games i have been a part up. it was a great comeback. >> the team went into overtime. >> it was tough but we were focusing. >> with 19 minutes left, it ended in an instant an instant classic. >> 4. >> that was fabulous hockey. the law were your teams going at it. -- two warrior teams going added. this has been a fabulous series. >> this was a fabulous series. it was a whale of a game. they're very much in contention for lord stanley's cup. and the victory parade after they beat barcelona for the
5:53 pm
national title. they hoisted the trophy in spain. but with this. the players dropped the trophy down the front of the bus. now watch what happens. the bus runs over it. the trophy -- >> that is not a good thing. >> they dropped it down the front of the bus. >> stop it. stop it. i am trying to work here. >> coming up next -- the damage in georgetown from weekend flooding is more widespread than first thought. >> and a lawsuit has been filed. we will have the latest next. >> if you have questions about cancer resources in the district, call our funding at 703-647-1533. we are here until 6:30.
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now to a developing story on the south down waterfront. the areas still under repair after monday's flooding. >> there is their choice but to gut the buildings and start from scratch. >> our correspondent is live with more. >> from the outside, it looks like real progress is being made. you can see crews finishing up pressure washing the boardwalk. but inside, the restaurants are in disrepair. they hoped to be open in days, but now it is more than -- it will be more than weeks. and that is a bad time to be out of business. things at the georgetown harbor are still a mess. owners say the damage you can see is only the eighth inning. -- the beginning. >> this is one of our biggest weekends of the year, of course.
5:58 pm
we had 400 reservations. >> it usually means big business for the restaurants on the boardwalk, but they are looking at losing $40,000 a dead. >> there is really no other word to describe it. it is devastating. >> a class-action lawsuit has been filed by workers to recoup revenues that will be lost because of the plot. >> it is the individual concerned for their welfare. which we can understand. >> the claim party man -- part -- property management had plenty of time did the flooding under control. this man is doing everything he can to keep some of his employees on the payroll. >> we keep as many people helping with the cleanup as possible. >> he is offering contract in services free. >> my services will be paid for
5:59 pm
through the hospital. >> a lawsuit has been filed on behalf of individual employees only. so far no restaurants have joined in. 100 employees are part of the suit. the company that manages the property has been unavailable for comment. abc7 is. >> that is all for us at 5:00. at 6:00 -- >> $110 a week, it easy. >> how the sky high gas prices are causing extreme savings. >> and the crisis in libya. two former journalist become victims of the violence. >> and the impact of a major move involving pentagon workers. captioned by the national captioning institute >> the pain at the pump is ca


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